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RSSPMC of Ob&Gyn is the research coordinator, also methodical center, developing and implementing national standards for the management of pregnancy and gynecological patients. Besides, introduces advanced technologies and innovative methods of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation in obstetrics and gynecology. It provides specialized obstetrical care at all levels of medical institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

RSSPMC of Ob&Gyn – is the largest scientific-practical complex in the republic, which has in structure its own Clinic, consisting of 10 units (including 2 intensive care units as for adults so for neonates) intended for 178 beds, out-patient ambulatory clinic (every year more than 80 000 visits), research unit, and the Scientific Council Board.


Our doctors

Yuldashev Sanzhar Keldiyarovich
Yuldashev Sanzhar Keldiyarovich
Karimova Lola Azizovna
Karimova Lola Azizovna
Junior Researcher
Rafikova Hakima Abduvasikovna
Rafikova Hakima Abduvasikovna
Senior Researcher, Ph.D.
Shomirov Dilshod Abdukhamidovich
Shomirov Dilshod Abdukhamidovich
Junior Researcher

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Why you should visit Uzbekistan

Great history
Outstanding and great personalities of Uzbekistan are Avicenna, Amir Temur, Mirzo Ulugbek etc
Taste foods
The rich Uzbek cuisine has a deep history, is closely connected with a Uzbek culture and traditions
Natural fruits and vegetables
One can hardly imagine Uzbek dastarkhan without delicious fruits and vegetables ,grown under hot sun in fertile valleys.
Sights of Uzbekistan
The Uzbek cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List
Uzbekistan Festivals
Sharq taronalari, one of the well-known international festivals, is held in Uzbekistan.
High tech medical care
the Ministry of Healthcare continues to systematically pursue a policy to boost the volume of high-tech medical care

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